Thursday, 12 August 2010

Thanks for the (un) conference

I would like thank (as Secretary of the Section) the perfect organization. It has been possible by the job of our Section’s convenors (Sheila, Leena and Gunilla) and the host supporter (Janet Wamby).
It’s remarkable too the participation as speaker of two members of our Section: Chihfeng and Natalia.

I liked the confluence of three formats: group/individual work, parallel sessions and unconferences.
It was a pity I had to leave the event for attending a meeting with our IFLA Division: I couldn't attend the third parallel session, and unconferences either.

I want to thank too my colleagues in the round table (Eystein and Jennifer) because I speak a more than perfect English.

As I work much better in my native language, I have abstracted (and linked) the working day in ALFARED and linked it from one of my University blog .

Carpe diem.


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  1. Thank you, great that you have done the Spanish abstract!